Monday, January 26, 2009


I finally got the ultrasounds scanned! So now you can see our alien looking baby! ^_^
Mine aren't nearly as cool as Bailey's 3D ones, but I'm still glad I have them. In one picture it looks like we have ourselves an angel baby. The yolk sac is above the babies head making look like a little halo! The lady thought it was funny so she printed one for us to take.
The baby is doing really well an is already developing little fingers! When we first saw the baby I swear it was wiggling, Cody says it could jut be because the machine thingy was moving. I still think the baby was moving a little.
I am a little disappointed because you can't see the baby's arms and legs, I wish she had given us a better picture so you could see the arms and legs. oh well, they also gave us a DVD of the ultrasound, which I thought was kind of fun.
I know that the pictures look small, you will have to click on them to make them bigger. Love you all!