Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Christmas Memories

Because it is now officially Christmas month I can post this! I've been thinking about this post for a couple of weeks, but it was today that I put in my home videos to watch our Christmas memories. I'm hoping to put some on the computer (with everyone's permission of course, I know some of it is pretty embarrassing, mostly for me though, but I'm willing) We'll see if I'll be able to.

I wanted to go over some of my favorite Christmas memories and traditions (and new one's too)

I love White Christmases!!
I love going down Christmas lane
I love opening one gift on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas day
I love doing the Nativity
I love the junk food we have (all of them, even the one's I don't eat, is that strange?)
I love staying up late and waking up early
I love the anticipation of waiting for everyone to arrive to start opening presents
I love all mom's nativities and decorations!
I love that we open presents From youngest to oldest
I love how dad is always doing a puzzle during the holidays!! (he's so good at them)
I loved having Grandma and Grandpa there!
I loved the piles of paper (until we started losing gifts in it)
I loved the flashing lights of our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
It isn't Christmas without Bing!!!
I remember one year specifically when us four youngest girls slept in one bed (it wasn't all that comfortable)
I love how because we (or maybe it was just me) were notorious for peeking at presents, mom and dad had to code our presents so we wouldn't be able to, and dad would have to sit there on Christmas Morning to try and decode it!

And a shout out to new traditions -
Shepherd's dinner -
This is a R (cody's family) tradition they've done for the last couple of years. When Cody first told me about it I thought we would be having Shepherd's pie!!! *duh. But what it is is the night the shepherds were out tending their flocks when the angels came and told them of Christ birth, so they have dinner on the floor and eat foods that could have been eaten by the shepherds. how cute is that!?

Renting out the Church for Christmas -
Even though I have not yet participated in this new tradition, I am so excited for it. I can just imagine being a kid again, I would love having run of the Church to do what I wanted (I would go the Primary room first and play on the microphone)!!! And all the space that a big family needs!!!

Anyways, you may add on if you want, I am so excited to Christmas!!!!
I just wanted to remember old good times in anticipation of new good times.

Happy Holidays