Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hey hey. just here to update a few things! Cody went to a back specialists and they thought he might have a torn disc they sent us home with a bunch of steroids, muscle relaxers and pain pills and a list of exercises to do and they may be taking an MRI on Wednesday. But his back is feeling a TON better so hopefully things are going well on the inside. He's classes are going really well too. He got a compliment from his teacher in his figure drawing class {which I guess he hardy does}. I've see his pictures...they're awesome. He says drawing sort of relaxes him, which is great because this s what he wants to do the rest of his life! :) He's also doing a lot better in his finance class then he thought and we are learning lots about stuff we should probably already know about. Mortgages, investments, 401k's, ect.
Joseph is finally walking!!!! yahoo. he waddle's it's very cute. And he throws books at me when he wants me to read them to him....which is like, all the time. I'm trying to teach him not to throw them at me {ouch}. He also likes to talk a lot, just babbling, but its sweet. And every now and again he will say/copy a word we say, like: Bubble, baby, book, apple. Mostly b-words. I notice that he never says c or k-words? sometimes it sounds like he is trying to beat-box...
So I guess I won't be going to school this winter. :( I procrastinated until the end and then when I finally made an interview with the bishop, he canceled all his appointments and I wasn't able to get another one in time! dang-it. Maybe it's not meant to be. I'm gonna see if I can still somehow take classes.
For the moment I am feeling pretty dang sick. yucky!! I think I am sicker this time around. I defiantly have major food aversions!!! If I don't eat I feel sick and hunger, and if I do eat I usually feel like I've over eaten and that makes me feel sick too. I don't ever throw up, though, so that's good....
Sharlee came down with four tickets to General Conference and Mark graciously babysat Joseph so that Cody and I could go with Emilee and Sharlee to the Sunday Morning session. I had Cody give me a blessing so that I wouldn't get sick. I felt fine the whole time! It was really nice to be there at the Conference Center and to be able to concentrate on what was being said. It was Cody's first time and he LOVED it. Very good session.
I was called as a Visiting Teaching Supervisor, which I am sort of excited about because I have never done this before and it doesn't require me to teach anyone! But I do need to go out with sisters whose partners can't go with them, which may be hard since I feel sick all day. But I'm sure it will be fine!
Anyways, I'm already getting excited for all the holidays! Fall {may favorite season} is here!!!!