Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Temple Square Part 1

We went with Mark, Emilee and kids and saw the Temple Square Lights last night (Tue). There were TONS of people but it was a good night to go because it was actually pretty warm. We got there at 6:30 and left around 9! We had no idea that much time had gone by! It was my first time and I LOVED it. It was so pretty and there were so many lights. We also walked around to parts of Temple square I've never been to and I finally got to see the outside of Brigham Young's home which is really nice. I think my favorite was the nativity 'floating' on the pond with floating lights around it. And also the Paper and metal Lanterns. After we left we stopped at a circle K and bought hot cocoa which tasted really good but I had to wait like a half hour before I could drink it because is was so hot! Joseph got pretty grumpy on the way back but all-in-all it was so much fun!

When I went to the bathroom a lady asked me when I was due. So I guess I'm showing a bit. At least to others. Maybe to my family I just look heftier. I've also been feeling the baby kick! We went to the doctors on Monday and all seems so be going well!

Cody only has one more final. For film! So he's almost done. And Friday is right around the corner!!!! Oh I hope Tipo is good on the plane. I'm a bit nervous because it's a longer flight. we'll be sandwiched between strangers and its the first time Tipo will fly since he's learned how to walk. And it's right around he's nap time. So either he will sleep (yes, dear Lord PLEASE) or he will freak out.

The paper lanterns. There are just little holes cut in the 'lunch bags' so pretty.

Asian Nativity? Pretty sweet.

Metal Lanterns. Also very pretty.

Trees on Fire!!!!

Just a cute picture of Tipo helping Cody count our change.

I'll have to upload the rest later, it's not working anymore right now.