Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to the Grind

Back to the old grind. Cody's started classes and I am just gettin' back in the grove of things. So far the semester is going really good! He loves his classes, almost all of which apply to his major. He is taking another Figure Drawing class, this time for animators, a 2D animation class, and a 3D graphics class. In his 3D animation class they are dealing with this program called Maya and even though Cody doesn't quite understand everything about it he still LOVES that class! He was also supposed to download this program on our computer so he could practice but the computer we have is ridiculously slow and the internet wasn't working so we rented a MAC from the school. Yahoo. So now we have a super cool computer for a little while. ^_^
So While I was trudging through morning sickness I was seriously lacking in dinner making, dish cleaning, heck all around house cleaning. But now, Morning sickness is gone and it is a new year. I bought one of those dish sponges on a handle that you pour the dish detergent down to help with keeping dishes clean. I think this is one of the best things I have ever bought, our sink and dishes stay so clean all the time!!!!!! I really hated getting my hands dirty and having to touch a dirty cloth, ect. So this works out great. I have also been attacking little parts of our home and 'redecorating', reorganizing and cleaning. And I have started making a two week dinner menu and buying all the food I need to for TWO weeks (minus fresh fruits, ect) on one day, I'm trying to be really good about making real dinners every night, so far so good. I feel sooooo productive!!! I LOVE IT. So I do have more energy then I did but I still get tired easily at night and don't wake up until 8:30 everyday. But I feel so much better than I did.

I feel little girl moving a lot, not as much as Tipo (at least not that I remember) she doesn't get hiccups nearly as much either. Like a week after we got home one night I woke up to intense charlie horses in my right leg. Two of them.... in a row. It hurt so bad. And afterwards, I don't really now why, I just laid there with my hand on my stomach
waiting to feel "girl" move. Well, she wasn't. I kind of started getting wo
rried... I remember when I was pregnant with Joseph the same thing would happen and I would pray and then I would feel him move. But when I prayed this time nothing happened. Probably pregnancy hormones but I started to get REALLY scared. I seriously started to think that maybe something bad had happened to her or that she was gone. I was freaking out. I woke Cody up and I was crying and told him what happened and he kept trying to tell me to calm down cuz I think I was freaking HIM out. I asked him for a blessing. It took a while but I finally fell asleep... still not completely comforted even though the blessing pretty much said she was fine. The next morning I was really depressed. I love Tipo to no end but even the cute things he was doing only made me feel slightly happy. I think I had made my self sick with the thought that I had miscarried. I said a prayer and pulled the 'What to expect when you're excpecting' out and was reading around and found out that it is normal, especially this early, to go many days without feeling the baby move. That made me feel better. And later in the day I started to feel her move again. Sorry for the weird story.
Tipo is the cutest kid in the world. No seriously. ^_^ He can say some more words and is just progressing real nice. He's a tiny bit of a klutz but I love it. He also has the biggest appetite and biggest sweet tooth than any kid I've personally met. I'm scared to think of
when he is a teenager! He's gonna eat us out of house and home (what a strange phrase). He is constantly signing to me that he wants to eat. I try to fed him a big breakfast and lunch so more time will go by before he gets hungry again.... yeah. *sigh* although I am starting to wonder if he just wants to eat a specific something so he signs he's hungry but wont anything but that one thing.... that's probably it.
He loves to play with us and wants our attention ALL the time. If Cody is on the computer doing homework Tipo will go over to him and pull on his clothes and yell at him. Or if we were playing with him and then get up to do something else he'll start to cry. It's really kind of cute. But when I am trying to prepare dinner and he is hanging on my clothes and whining and crying... yeah, it starts to wear on me a but. ^_^ He is so lovey dovey too. He loves to sit by us and he gives us hugs and, if we ask, gives us kisses.

I framed this picture and put it in our bathroom!

Having a snack and looking like a big boy

He does this sometimes. Look at his little baby double chin! ^_^

Pardon the creepy gremlin voice, Tipo loves it! *shrug*