Friday, July 08, 2011

Stadium of Fire!

We parked ourselves right by the cougar statue and listened to David Archuleta and Brad Paisley while we waited for the fireworks. They were awesome!We were soooo close.There were so many it was foggy with smoke and we had bits black ash falling on us! And it was SUPER loud! Amazingly enough Tipo fell asleep, and Ginger slept through them (of course I was covering her ears)!

Tipo Awake
Tipo asleep (like 30 sec later)
So Cute!
First Fourth of July ( I made that bow, we didn't have any $ to buy fabric to I used some of Cody's totally ripped jeans, a red tie of his he didn't like and some left over white fabric from a pillow I made when we were first married and a button from an old shirt of his!) Isn't she so pretty!?