Friday, August 05, 2011

First time in the pool

We finally took Ginger swimming. I was putting it off because the pool is soooo cold. (They say the pool is heated but I don't believe it). But I really wanted to take her (and try on the adorable swim suit Emilee let us barrow). So we let Ginger chill by the pool while we swam and then just before we were ready to get out we brought her in so she wouldn't get too cold.

I Tried to get Tipoto snuggle with her but he wasn't sure of her crying.

Ginger's outdoor throne

My hubby is so buff!

she doesn't even know what's going to hit her.

Yup, it's cold. Don't worry she only cried not even a minute and then we just held her close and swirled around and she was fine.