Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jojo's TWO!

Jojo's birthday was last week. We were still in Utah so we celebrated with Emilee's family and my parents had come down to Utah so they came as well. We had a lunch and I made Jojo a cake and Emilee let us barrow Jack's Thomas the Train from his birthday cake for Jojo's. It's only the second time I've decorated a cake so it was a bit lopsided. I've also learned I should start getting things prepared at least a day early, not just two hours before. I think I just figured it was a small party/lunch and it wouldn't take so long. We had sandwiches and capri suns to drink (Jojo loves capri sun) and grapes, blueberries and bananas (his favorite fruit)It was really cute.
So we have now officially entered the "terrible twos", though I think we entered that a little bit ago. No, Jojo can still be really sweet, and he is still really good with Rylee. He is just starting to test our discipline boundaries, which I'll admit we're not that great at. Especially when it's just me and I am nursing Rylee. He will miss his cousins a lot these next couple of months. He has been really clingy since we've gotten here. Hopefully he'll feel more comfortable as time goes by.