Friday, November 04, 2011

Birthday lunch and Cole

Two stories that are connected to Rochelle that I wanted to share.

Halloween is my dad's birthday and every year Rochelle would go to my dad's school and bring balloons and pizza and have lunch with him. Since she can't really do it anymore and just about everyone was in town still we all went down and had lunch with him. Funny thing though. He told us his lunch hour but when we got there my dad told us he still had one more class to teach before lunch. I guess Monday schedule is different from the rest of the week, so we got to sit in on one of his classes which was lots of fun!

The day after Rochelle passed Cole decided he would still go to school (awesome kid!) and after school was also his football teams last game. Cole goes of my dad's school in Burbank and had my dad as a teacher last year and this year, and my dad coaches Cole's Football team, so it was my dad's last game too. Cole made a touchdown and their team won...their only game they won. I think that is so great. And it was the only game I got out to go see.