Friday, November 04, 2011


Saturday night we went to the ward Trunk or Treat. Unfortunately not a great turn, not to mention we were late so We weren't there that long. But we got rid of almost all our candy! Monday night all the kids went trick or treating around my parents neighborhood. This was Tipo's first real intense trick or treating experience. He wanted to walk, not be carried, and hold his candy bag just like the other big kids. We did maybe half the neighborhood and then decided to go back, He was getting 'too much' candy.
With everything going on the the month of October we didn't have much time to think about or put together costumes. So our original idea will have to wait until next year I guess. Cody and I didn't dress up. But as I was desperately digging through my mom's daycare dress up clothes I found a frog costume that was just Joseph's size so I thought.... Frog prince and Princess! So I made a paper crown for his head and a lipstick mark on his cheek and Tipo was a frog prince. Ginger I just put her in layers of pink and the pink tutu my sister bought her. Bought yellow yarn and wove it though one of her headbands and bought a bachelorette crown. Tada. Last minute outfits!