Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's day

What an interesting and wonderful Valentine's day. Cody made me breakfast and Tipo threw up for his first time ever...twice. And then surprised us again when, after taking a nap for 90 min woke up screaming bloody murder, Naturally I thought he was going to throw up again so I ran in and got him. He didn't throw up but he didn't stop screaming either and he clung to me like a leech, whenever I tried to take him off...or just preposition myself so I could breathe, he would hold on tighter, he was sweating and red and would NOT stop screaming. This went on for, i don't know how long but it seemed a long time. It was kind of freaking me out, especially since we don't have Medicaid or any kind of insurance, if he was hurt or something I wouldn't have known what to do. I finally thought "he's having having a night terror". I'm not sure if you guys have a experienced a child having a night terror, but it's different than a nightmare, and really there isn't much can do about it but just let them lay in bed and eventually they'll go back to sleep. Luckily they don't remember any of it. Joseph got them before a couple of times when he was about 1. I think because he was sick he was having one. Anyways we put him back in his crib and he finally calmed down. Cody gave him a blessing while he was having a night terror (before we knew what was going on) and after his nap he was all better and his old happy self again. I'm so grateful for priesthood power.

Cody's gift to me. What a surprise, I wasn't expecting it at all. I have been wanting one since our honeymoon to Cannon Beach! I LOVE these figurines. It is really hard for me to buy something for myself NOT from DI where it's only $4 and when I finally do decide to get something it's after stewing over it FOREVER! As much as I love spending money I also hate spending money. So I was happy Cody got it for me.

The Card I made Cody... took me FOREVER!

I made a couple of these and hung them in our window.

Left over puffs from Ginger's room.

More decorations.
Hope you all had a good day too.