Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hoogle Zoo

We meant (again) to go camping today... but we all got sick so we decided to go to the zoo where we could be near bathrooms and then go camping later this week.
We had soooo much fun.
When we first got there both kids were so excited, yes even Rylee. I don't know if it was because of all the people or if she knew it was something new... But, at first, when we would see animals I would point them out and she would look and point at them too and then get really excited, sometimes even clapping her hands. so cute! By the end she was really tired and just wanted to get down a crawl. Joesph liked the reptile house.
But by far the best exhibit was the new Rocky Shores. With seals, polar bears, bears, and otters. Mine and Cody's favorite was the Polar Bear. I think it was a tie for Joseph between the Polar Bear and Otters.
The Polar bear was such a show off. He (or she) kept diving in the water and popping up right in front of the kids and pushing off the glass to go dive again. He did it over and over and over, everyone LOVED it.


seals {you can kind of see one just under the surface on the left side}

Polar Bear

HELLO, everyone!

watching the seals

tired but still smiling!

We got there around one and left around 5. So many of the animals were in sleepy mode. I heard from a friend once who worked in Pangani Forest in Disney World that the best time to see animals is in the morning because they've just woken up and it's still cool. But we still saw most all the animals (except the Wolves) even if the Tigers were all sleeping! That's why we liked the polar bear so much, he was so playful! Maybe he had already had his nap.
By the Elephant exhibit there was this large wood elephant if you tinkered around with it it would make noises like it was sneezing or something and then spray people with water. Joseph was so intrigued but also very scarred of the elephant. We sat for the longest time just watching other kids get sprayed. After a while Joseph was trying so hard to be brave and try it out. Finally Cody went up to try and help him... he was still frightened, he started crying a bit, either because he was scarred or we finally walked away from the elephant. Poor guy. He has such a tender heart.