Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tiny Blessings

I've been thinking about my kids a lot lately. There are a lot of times I just feel so frustrated with them. And tired, and angry, and goodness, didn't I just feed you 5 minutes ago? And a whole day will go by that I feel like I never even LOOKED at my children.
But I have been feeling so blessed to have them in my life!
I always wanted a boy first. Not that I don't want girls, I just wanted a boy first so my other children could have an older brother (something I always wanted... I had all sisters...whom I LOVE) I think I had that protective older brother idea going on.
I was so happy to have Joseph first (needless to say he has a lot of pressure to be a leader.... just kidding, but only a little)
He is so wonderfully amazing at complimenting and cheering everyone on. He tells me I look 'cute' all the time ( we asked him once if i looked pretty, he said "no, cute mom." ) He is always telling us "oh good job, mom" "good job, dad" for the simplest things... Pouring his milk, flushing the toilet, ect. It is so darling. He is really sweet with Rylee too, if she is taking a nap and he is awake he will keep asking for her and get really excited when I, finally, get her up. Just today we got home from playing and Rylee was really tired and sad and Tipo came up to her and gave her a hug and was cooing to her "oh your so cute!"
He can make Rylee laugh with very little effort, she really looks up to him.
He also loves to keep himself clean, he needs to wash his hands after dinner and if he spills anything he has to clean it up.
Snow Cones after a primary "Walk to the Temple" activity

We love it when people leave their toys out for Joseph to use! 

Daddy reading the Friend with Joseph

Having Graham Crackers and milk before bed!

Rylee is a climber! In years to come we will say "she climbed before she walked!" well, she does walk too, a bit, she can take several wobbly steps but she likes to crawl most, she is really fast, she crawls on her hands and toes (not knees, they get to scruffed up, mom!) She loves her daddy, (I won't deny it she loves me too, but lets talk about daddy) In the mornings when she wakes up and sees daddy she smiles really big and gets very excited. She would probably go to him more, but he is notorious at teasing her, poor girl! She gives open-mouthed kisses and has...a...temper! well....she is a redhead! If you take something from her she was happily playing with or you move her from somewhere she wanted to be, she...will...scream! She's also a tattle tale on Joseph, she looks at us to make sure we are paying attention to her crying "Joseph did it!" And it's true by the way. Girls can get what they want by milking it....and they KNOW it. If Rylee knows bedtime or some other event is happening that she doesn't want to do she gets really sweet, giving hugs and kisses and smiling that killer smile at you, just so you will love her instead of putting her to bed! We are in trouble!

Trying to climb the ladder like Joseph

Love this outfit {Kendall - You gave me this skirt a year ago! It says 6-9 months, but there is no way that's true, fits her perfectly now!}