Saturday, August 11, 2012

Surprise Trip Home!

We decided to go home to visit our families. We went a different way, by the Salt Flats. It was only supposed to be and hour out of the way, but it ended up being FOUR hours out of the way (lots of construction in Nevada)! But we'd never seen the flats so that was fun...and very pretty! It was a nice visit, although I felt so pooped the WHOLE time. That could be because it was was over 100 degrees most days! SO awful! We couldn't even open our windows at night. My sister Bailey also came into town for a school reunion so I was able to see her too. So me and two of my sisters went through the temple together it was very nice! Unfortunately my camera died half way through the trip, I took some pictures with my moms camera, so she has them. We gave Joseph a Hair cut while we were there. But I messed up so Cody cut it into a Mohawk. Jojo's hair only lasted like that for two days and then we buzzed it.
The Salt Flats

"The sun is in my eyes!"

That fixed that problem! What a Problem Solver!

Trying to keep entertained.

Dancing to music... he looks so enthusiastic...


Four kids in a tub

Riding around on a plastic sheet is fun. 'Nuff said.

Papa and Ry looking at videos on Papa's new phone.

Notice Jojo's mohawk? 

Ry... with a tin can on her head....