Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snow Day

It snowed.... a lot.
We have the perfect little hill right outside our door. It's the perfect incline that small children can go down by themselves and you don't have to worry about them face-planting.
When we came out to sled we saw just how much it had snowed... and the multiplicity of branches that were ripped from the trees. some small and some not so small...

This would explain the four hour power outage we had late last night!

Anyways, Rylee did not really like the snow... just like she doesn't really like lots of water (mostly water fountains) poor girl. I hope it's just her age, something she'll grow out of. Cody is so good with the kids, he's the one that gets them out the door and playing in the snow (with only, literally, one pair of pants I didn't really play much.) But I really enjoyed seeing Jojo enjoy himself, and I holding Rylee.