Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So, what did I do on my first day of no school?

It was the first day of Christmas Break
I finished my last assignments at 9:30pm on Saturday.
So what did I do my first day of vacation?

I sewed Rylee's Stocking from this old sweater which had grown a hole!
Made these snowmen cookies {tutorial found here}

For our visiting and home teachees, and Jojo's Nursery leader. 

Joseph is moving to Sunbeams starting the new year!! I can hardly believe that we are finally going to have a primary aged child! He is growing up sooooo fast!
Thanks Mom and Emilee for the Christmas Cards {You can see them on the door!}

Played with my kiddos!
And we went and saw Wreck-it Ralph for FHE. Cody has been wanting to go the movies for the longest time!!! now that we are out of classes we have more time. I LOVED it, it was such a creative story and so well done. it was great! And Rylee was pretty good! (usually I have to take her out because she is so wiggly) 

OH! and I can't forget to mention the WONDERFUL short Paperman before the feature. A very beautiful love story. Visual awesomeness!