Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Christmas and New Year's 2012

I didn't do a good job taking pictures this year.
But it was a nice break from school.
I finally saw some Doctor Who episodes. 
Does this look like any one we know? ;)
And I started watching Once Upon a Time
I'm not much for watching TV shows.
I don't like many of them. 
But I can see myself being REALLY into it!
I really want to watch more. 
Not good since I'm supposed to be focusing on School!
Anyways.... So we watched a lot of Netflix at night since that is what my parents have. 
We also watched The Hobbit! 
The Hobbit has always been one of my favorites. 
Our car lost it's power steering on the way home,
so Cody had to spend a lot of time working on that.
We eventually had to have a mechanic fix it, something a little too far advanced for Cody. 
I'm so proud of all he was able to do though, he worked really hard!
So our car is doing just fine right now. 

Rylee LOVES babies, especially her baby cousin Asher!

Attacking Uncle Ben...

With Love!

Shooting poppers with Grandpa S on New Year's.
Singing songs before bed!