Thursday, January 17, 2013

Science Experiments

I have always loved Science. okay, so maybe I didn't always get the best grades in Science  but I love how hands on it is! Also, I got my Associates of SCIENCE in General Studies - That means that when i got to decide if I wanted to take more Science classes or more language arts and foreign language I opted for Science. And I loved my Geology and Geography classes. Biology was really hard for me but I loved it too. Now, Chemistry and Physics are a whole different story. I probably hate those subjects more than any other! Anyways, I am gabbing on. 
Today we decided to do a couple of science experiments for fun. I have a lot of homework to do but we were sick the day we got home from Christmas Vacation and then once I was well I was bombarded with homework and then we got sick again. Even though I still have a lot more homework I was sick of just lying around so I wanted to do something different today. I found both of these on Pinterest. Although I slightly remember doing the magic mug in school and I had HEARD of the soap experiment.

The exploding soap experiment. 
I found it here at Toys in the Dryer. She says that it only works with Ivory brand soap. We didn't do quite so much soap though, our Microwave is a little smaller and doesn't have as much power. But it was pretty awesome looking. Joseph thought it was really cool.
- Take Ivory soap and cut in half and the in half again. 
- Place it in the Microwave and set the time for 3:00 minutes
- It actually only takes about 90 secs for it to more than double in size!
- It's not even hot to touch! 
- Take it our and see their reaction!

Magic Mud
2 cups corn starch 
1 cup water
I also added food coloring... which turned our hands blue!
The kids really loved this, Rylee kept trying to eat it! oh that cute girl! 
This stuff is great.
If you try to punch it or roll it in your hands quickly it holds together and feels dry but once you let go or stick your finger in slowly it becomes more like liquid! 

As I listened to this again...I'm pretty sure Jojo is saying that we are doing an experiment not a picnic. Silly Mommy!