Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentine's Day Update

So It was a while ago but here is what we did for Valentine's Day....
We had a Valentine's Day party at Preschool the Tuesday before. Joseph loved his Valentine's.

My Card to Cody, which I delivered while we had lunch with Cody at the School in our car.

My 'heart' post it notes of reason's I love Cody! He got me beautiful flowers and chocolate...just what I wanted!

Dinner - Our Heart Shaped Pizza... crafted by Cody!

Our Little Valentines'. 
Cody and I didn't really celebrate the day of. We had a girl in our ward babysit the next night (Friday) and that's when we went and finally tried out Cafe Rio (Which is just like Costa Vida just with a different feel (decor), which I LOVED because I LOVE Costa Vida.) The Food was wonderful! And the place was unbelievably packed! We then went and got frozen yogurt next door. {YUM} We ended at the school were Cody showed me all the drawings that were entered into a contest where my talented husband got honorable mention for this drawing of his dad. 

It was low-key but not low quality when you love the each other! :)