Sunday, March 10, 2013

Six and Twenty

I celebrated my birthday this last week. It was a really good day thanks to Cody and the kids. Nothing crazy just nice and sweet. And it was such a beautiful day outside, the kids and I went down to were all the kids in our ward live and it was so nice that there were lots of kids out playing and I got to talk to some moms, that was really nice. 
I wanted to write something really nice and sincere and intriguing about my 26 years of life and the many things that I have learned....
I've discovered that as much as I love to read and love the idea of writing ..I'm not very good and I don't really like it.
So, you get out of having to hear about my life lessons. 
And get to see something I do enjoy doing...taking pictures, even if they aren't creative like and high quality!
My Birthday Banner and tulips.

I got pillows for our couch. It's kind of odd but buying pillows made me really giddy! I am so excited to have pillows on my couch!

I really wanted to make my cake this year. I wanted to make a fresh strawberry and whip cream filled cake. But I have no round cake pans just a 9x13 pan. But I was able to find a cake pan at DI for a $1! 
And then I wanted a cake stand to put it on. I have seen a way to do it on Pinterest where you just gorilla glue a wine glass to a plate. So I found both at the dollar store and tada!

I kind of messed up on my cake. First off my top layer split in two while I was putting it on and then I didn't have enough frosting and it was kind of messy looking, so we had to hurry and sing and eat before it fell apart. And then the frosting ended up being way to rich! We kind of felt sick after one slice. But the fresh strawberries were delicious! 
Hopefully Rylee's turns out better....especially since it's gonna be a rainbow one....
Rainbow Cake. Yum...
I'm feeling ambitious!