Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Behind the Scenes

of this picture

This the picture I put on facebook to announce first to my sisters and then to the rest of the friends on facebook about us being pregnant. 
The idea came to me late at night the day we told our parents. 
It just seemed so hilarious to me (and still does) to show them in nothing but their underpants! I also figured some might be weirded out, some would think it was funny, some would just ignore the picture and take delight in another cute Robles coming *wink* and some would think nothing at all of it. I didn't really care. I wanted to do more for our family history sake. 
I borrowed a cloth diaper from a gal in my ward. She had some really cute ones but I went for neutral since I still don't know if this baby will be a girl or boy yet. 
The kids wanted nothing to do with this picture. First of all, I think they were a bit weird-ed out that I was making them strip, and then they just wouldn't hold still. 

Cody trying to help. 

Run a way!

After being naked for a while they began to act like little cave men (and woman) Rylee ran around screaming and Joseph was just mad and grumpy and didn't want to be around us!

After I let them cool down a bit I noticed they had migrated to the shade of the trees near the playground. So I coaxed them to just sit near each other and dropped the cloth diaper down next to Rylee and snapped like crazy before they could run away again! It was really cute and fun though! :)