Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Independence Day

How to keep this post short and sweet.....
Lots of pictures!
The parade. We went just before it started and we found a spot squeezed between some people. There were three empty seats next to us and the guy that owned them told us his whole group didn't come so we could use them. It was so nice to sit in a chair and not the cement. 

The Freedom Festival. Rides, booths, bands, and free kids activities...

She didn't want to smile for me.

Pretty painted toes....just like two years ago. I did the same pattern for Rylee's first Fourth of July. Which was also the last time I painted her nails. I need to do it more. She LOVED it. 

Scales and Tales show. Such a fun show and such awesome creatures. He even had an alligator!!!



And lots and lots of naps!

Oh! and the Fourth of July also brought Rylee a little gift.....
Because we were out in the sun so much (and I tried to keep sunblock on her) She now has very faint freckles across her cheeks and nose! I LOVE it. It is so cute. Her first freckles. Be ready red-head there are plenty more were that came from.