Thursday, October 10, 2013

General Conference Weekend

I LOVED Conference this year. It seems like the last couple of years I haven't gotten much out of it. Not so this year. I was strengthened in so many ways. Cody got really sick Saturday night and was up all night (which meant that I also didn't get much sleep)
When the kids woke up I got them breakfast and put in a movie so that I could get the rest I so desperately needed and so I could pay better attention to General Conference...Cody just needed to rest - he was still feeling so sick. The movie ended 7 minutes before conference started and I felt refreshed and was able to stay awake the whole time and glean much insight. Cody slept through all of Sunday General Conference and woke up during the closing song. Luckily he was feeling a whole lot better. We both think he got some kind of food poisoning. It reminded me of our very first General Conference after we were married. We went to the church to watch with his parents and I was feeling so sick and I had a pile of tissues next to me. This was the General Conference with Elder Wirthlin's last great talk - Come What May and Love It. The next day I was knocked out in bed while Cody just hung out in the apartment. At the time we did not have any cable or internet so he couldn't watch it! We were going to try and make it to my parents house but I was in serious pain didn't even feel like I could stay in sitting position long enough to get there! Awful. But Cody was such a good sport.

Anyways, on Saturday Cody set up an elaborate tent for us to watch General Conference (Like the people of King Benjamin who pitched the door of their tents to face King Benjamin and hear him speak). It started falling apart through Conference and by the end it was all down. But the kids still had fun. The kids were actually really good this conference. After last conference's experience I was a little worried. But they were good and we pulled out the fold out picutres of the prophet and spostles from the Ensign and had the kids try to find the picture of the person giving the talk. That actaully seemed to get them interested. I wanted to do a Conference Bingo but I was way too pooped through out the week to actually get that done. :( I hate having no energy. But I loved what Elder Hales said in the first talk of Conference (Such a perfect talk to start off Conference) He said that children can comprehend that spiritual communication of Conference, confirming that there is a place for children in General Conference. Loved it. Also, did anyone else adore the family choir? The Elderly mixed in with the children was absolutely wonderful to watch and listen to. I have never seen this kind of choir before (maybe I just wasn't paying attention before) but I LOVED it.

Yes, that is football on the TV. This is what was on BYU TV just before Conference. 

I am a woman who LOVES to make traditions. I made these yummy treats for us to munch on during conference. I made them Halloween style. Mummy Oreo Truffles. MMMMmmmm.
Maybe I will get around to writing posts about the talks I loved most and what I got from them. Here is a sneak peak of some of my favorites.

Elder Bednar
Sister Oscarson
Elder Anderson
Elder Oaks
President Utchdorf
President Monson

Just to name a few. :)