Saturday, March 15, 2014


So I am loving our new apartment. There is a lot of light and a balcony and a window in the kitchen and Cody's stuff tucked away in it's own room. Anyways here are some pictures....

The Print near the bottom of the lady's hair blowing in the wind is from Cody's wonderfully sweet teacher Bethanne Anderson. I haven't met her but Cody always talks so nicely of her! She gave us this print which she did and some other little gifts for Louise. I LOVE that print. 

Rylee's. The bottom painting Rylee did herself! And it just so happened to look like a dancing ballerina I had to put it up! The flowers are from when she was born... Cody gave her and I flowers. I dried them and put them in that frame. 

We added a rod lower down so the kids could grab their own clothes and get themselves dressed. 

The New Duvet. In this corner I am going to make lots of Oragami cranes and hang them like a mobile!

Eventually Cody will draw portraits of him and I to hand above our bed! The lamp I found at a drop and swap. it was black and had no shade. i recently spry painted it and i found this awesome 'faceted' shade at target awhile ago. it is kind of 3D with triangles. 

Cody painted this for my Birthday. 

I have struggled since we were first married to have a picture display above our couch. It has always just stumped me. But I think I finally have something here. The long frame Cody will draw the spire (just the spire) of the Columbia River Washington Temple where we were married. Next to Joseph's picture I will put one of Rylee and one of Louise. On the other side I want to put a wooden 'R' for Robles. So it is half way done and further then I have ever gotten. 

I love my rainbow book!

And this bonus... since St. Patty's day  is coming up!