Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rylee's Third Birthday

Rylee's Birthday and the Library Book Festival happened on the same day so we celebrated both! Cody and I stayed up until really late making her sign, blowing up balloons, making Elsa cape ect. It was so fun. We did a Frozen Theme. We had a picnic for lunch and pizza and cake for dinner. 
Okay, so I have to explain Rylee's cake. Her birthday was on a Saturday, and on Fridays the office gets the expired bread and bakery items from the local store which we tenants get to take for free! Cody went by the day before her birthday and grab this cake. He was so excited to show me.... I wouldn't have to make one. Which was so sweet but I wanted to do a Frozen theme and the cake was NOT Frozen looking at all. But I jokingly said something about if only we had a little Olaf to put on top and then we could call the cake "Olaf  In Summer" (like his musical number in the movie). Then Cody said he would totally make an Olaf that night for her cake and tada!!!! Rylee's Olaf in Summer Cake to keep in theme with the Frozen theme! :)

this took FOREVER. And actually, Cody blew them all up. What lungs!!

Elsa Crown

Gifts - New Romper outfit, Cinderella dress up shoes, and play purse! And a new dress.

Library Book Festival

Birthday girl