Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our redhead

I think sometimes I forget that Rylee is a redhead. Which isn't too surprising I guess since it isn't the only thing that defines her. But I do love her hair. I am slightly jealous.... only slightly. There are times I think her hair is such a dark color that it will change to look more brown than red. Sometimes, depending on the light, it doesn't look that red at all. As much as I adore her red hair and would be a tinge sad if it ever changed to brown (not that I don't like Brown. My hair is brown and I love it) she is beautiful to me no matter what.

I think having a daughter can be kind of scary because of the confusing and mixed messages out there about girls and women. I don't want her to be confused of who she is. More than anything and more than any other label she may be known by or even give herself - there is one thing I want her to always know - She is a Daughter of God and has infinite potential to be an amazing woman.

I love my redhead.