Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend Warriors

We ended up going to Utah for the weekend. They were having a Family Reunion on Cody's Mom's dad's side. It was a good weekend. Wonderful weather everyday except the day of their reunion. :( but it still turned out good. We went to Emilee's ward on Sunday and were a little surprised to find that none of the papa's got anything. :( oh well, Cody's not a daddy yet..

I didn't pull the camera out once, I actually thought I forgot it. I did take LOTS of video though, we were taking video for Cody's project in Family History. We ended up having a BIG adventure this weekend also.

We got up and left Emilee's at like 8:30 0r 9 on Monday morning to head home. about an hour and a half - ish into our journey we made a pit stop and took a little walk (for the baby) anyways we noticed there was a large water stain on the ground under our hood. we were not sure if it was us so we moved to another spot and ate while we waited, there was more water, so Cody cheacked under the hood and the resivoir was still full of water so we thought everything was fine. So we started out traveling again and not even 5 min. later the Car starterd overheating super fast Cody had to pull over off the highway onto a side road, the pointer was almost in the red! Cody lifted up the hood and it was smoking (not a ton though, just a bit). So we called our paretns and while Cody was trying to get a hold of his parents I was talking to dad who was looking some stuff up on the internet to see if he could figure out what was wrong. Cody began filling the resvior and radiator (which was sucking water in like crazy) we went to turn on the car and it was making an awful sound and wouldn't start. There was water squirting from some screws of the engine! Luckily Cody's parents headed out a little later than us (they were staying at his Grandma's) So they were SO kind in coming to rescue us. We had plenty of people stop to check on us (so many nice people) We also witnessed a telephone pole go up right in front of us while we were waiting! Anyways.... our head gasket of the engine (or whatever) was cracked and would take a lot of money to fix (and not worth it) so we decided to dump it, a guy who stopped to help told us of his friend who would tow it for us for free so we emptied the car of everything we wanted and stuffed in Cody's parents (awesome new Cadillac) car. We decided to drive up to Boise all together and have Nathan meet us there with their parents' 77 Pontiac. Cody's parents are letting us barrow their Pontiac so we can have a car to drive to school, ect! I can't believe how nice they are to us. Someday we will repay them! Anyways, so we drove up to Boise Yesterday and got there at like 9. We stayed the night and Cody and I left at 6 o'clock this morning to make it to classes. The Pontiac worked great and we got home around 11:30. I actually went straight to bed, skipped class, and slept until 4:30! We were so exhausted! We've just been shopping for food and now we are at the school getting stuff caught up.
*sigh* What a weekend! And we recorded most of it and can use if for Cody's project.
and now we have lots of homework yahoo! ^_^
Love you all.
PS the baby's doing fine