Monday, August 24, 2009

Joseph Levi

His bruise from delivery.

Hello family and friends.
Hey, just updating to say all is well in the  household. Joseph had Jaundice there for a while and had to be on a biliblanket but his score is going down and he doesn't look yellow anymore! ^_^
breast feeding is going well except it takes like 2 hours to feed him! grrrr. But he is such a dang cutie!!!!! I love my little boy, it's so fun being a mama!
I'm feeling really good...and tired. ^_^
We have such a wonderful ward. They made us dinners for six days! It was soo nice.
We went to church all day yesterday. It went pretty well. We had only gone for like 30 min last Sunday because I was still having trouble feeding and i was still in pain. But we put him in his little tie outfit Bailey gave us. It was a tight squeeze but I wanted to have him wear it at least once! He looked relly cute.
Jojo got a scab on his head from delivery but it is starting to come off, yeah.