Saturday, September 19, 2009

Movie Night and Shopping

Firday night we made our usual homemade amazing pizza and brought the TV in our room to watch a movie.

It was lots of fun! We spoiled Tipo and let him stay in the room with us while he slept! (we're horrible, I know).

Then on Saturday on the spur of the moment Cody and I decided to go into Idaho Falls to the mall there. We've only ever been to IF once and we got lost. This time we map-quested. We were both kind of feeling down because it had been so long since we had bought ourselves clothes! So we took a little adventure with Tipo. The IF mall is soooo nice. The bathroom stalls have a little fold down chair to put your baby to sit while you go! AND they have a mother's lounge (only in Idaho... and maybe Utah). We walked through Barnes and Noble and really only made one stop.... Old Navy. I LOVE old Navy! Their clothes rock and when they have sales they are really good. they had like $4 shirts! Awesome. So we bought some. (don't worry, the picture is just some of the stuff we tried on, we didn't buy it all) We couldn't pass up the great deals. I was a little sad though, the most cutest shirt there that I tried on (and actually looked good on me) was almost $30, I really wanted it but did not want to spend that much. :( Maybe we'll go back and it will be on sale! ???? Update a few months later we went back and that same shirt was ON SALE so I was able to buy it! SOCRE

On the way to IF I read to Cody from one of his books he has to read for school called 'Collapse' about the rise and fall of societies (kind of like a poli sci book) the chapter I read was about Rwanda, it was so interesting. I love that kind of stuff.
We're going to have Sharlee over for Sunday dinner tomorrow and I am going to make Lemon Chicken. I am so excited! ^_^ And my old friend Heather is going to stop by! Can't wait.