Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Well, I should have posted this sunday but, I made my goal (part way) I had figured out I needed to lose 5 pounds each month to reach my goal by my birthday. I started at 165 pounds on Nov 6th and I weighed myself on Sunday (dec 6th) I weigh 160 now! yahoo!!!! even without working out faithfully during the holidays and not eating strictly either. ^_^ (BTW: that's 15 lbs less than what I weighed before I was pregnant.)

We put up our Christmas tree, Cody surprised me with one. And all the gifts you see are not all ours, they are secret santa, $1 gifts, and a lot of little gifts I put in separate boxes to make it look like a lot. I am soooo excited for Cody to open his gifts. even though I know Christmas is not about gifts, I still love to give them, so....
I can't wait until Jojo gets old enough to start understanding what the heck is going on. we are still enjoying it with him though.

That boy LOVES attention. If we aren't looking at him he gets upset! He also LOVES to sit up and look at the world around him. His neck is pretty stable it's his back he needs to work on now. And when we put him on his tummy he is finally lifting his head up to look around. He loves when we sing and dance for him. And he loves kisses. He was also sick recently which is why there is a picture of him crying... it's sad and cute. He is also a Drool Master. I thought maybe he was teething but I don't know I haven't seen or felt any teeth so whatever.

Our apartment is a mess right now. We are trying to pack as much as we can and stuff is everywhere! It's kind of driving me crazy. But I am so anxious to leave that I can't help but pack. I was also telling Cody that I don't want to be so distracted by wanting to leave that we forget about Christmas otherwise Christmas will only be like a week long once we get home. And I am working on Christmas Cards right now too. I'm so bad about getting cards to people at the right time. So I am working hard to get them done and out on time.