Wednesday, December 16, 2009

4 Months

Jojo turned 4 months on Saturday. He had is check up and shots on Tuesday. He weighs 17lbs. 4oz. (what a big kid) and he is in the 100% for his height! (I blame his father) ^_^ People keep thinking he's like 7 months old or something.
We went to WIC on Thursday to attend a class about starting Jojo on solids. They gave us a list of things that show if he is ready for solids, He isn't quite there yet, and we don't want to start him too soon because they say it could cause allergies. So we are gonna wait a bit.....darn.
When he is on his tummy he loves to stick his bum in the air and wiggle his legs around. And rock back and forth on his tummy with his arms and legs in the air.
We also gave him another haircut, he was losing so much hair and he had big bald spots all over so we buzzed it. :( He is still uber cute in my eyes though. ^_^
I also noticed there are very few photos with me and him and lots with Cody, my kid will probably grow up and think I don't love him!

before (nice and happy)

after (very sad to lose his beautiful hair!)

Packing has been more stress than it needs to be. We have already decided twice today to just drive hom but then changed our minds and decided to just go ahead a fly. uhg. I just want to be home right now. I feel like we are in limbo with boxes here and there living out of suitcases and little messes piled everywhere and not really knowing when we will be home for sure. All of our stuff we feel we need to bring home will not fit into two large suitcases plus two carry ons, they are stuffed to the max and we still need a bit more packed. So goes the craziness of moving. And this will be the last post on our cool school computer. I love this computer and I will be sad to see it's usefulness go!!!!! Goodbye HP! we will miss you!
Hello family here we come (and not soon enough)