Monday, January 04, 2010

Outages, Orem, and Flights

Oh my goodness, we could not have left Rexburg any sooner. Thursday Cody spent the day doing Finals and helping me pack in between. Packing with a 4month old is pretty hard. He seemed clingyer than usual , we tried just letting him scream but after awhile it got unbearable. ^_^ Then around 7:30ish, while Cody was taking a test and my neighbor was helping me clean our power went out. And not just Hyde Park, but ALL of Rexburg, and some other towns close by!!! It was pitch black!!!! luckily I knew where my flashlight was and we were able to have a bit of light. Soon after Cody came home and brought in our three large flashlights from our headlight miss hap. Our neighbor went home after Cody got home. (she stayed with me, which was nice). Needless to say we didn't get much cleaning done which is what we had planned to do so we could get out of there as early as possible. So until 10:30pm (which is when the power came back on) we got ready for bed and called everyone to tell them.
By the time the lights came back on we were in bed asleep, so we just slept until early in the morning and started cleaning. We had to keep pushing back our check out time. Even when she did come to check us out we still had little things here and there we had to clean and stuff on the lawn that still needed to be packed. And our van was already packed to a pulp! Tipo was cramped. poor kid.
We finally left around 12pm which scared us because we needed to get Orem before dark (no one wants to drive in Utah, but especially without headlights!!! Luckily the sun sets a bit later in Orem than Kennewick and Rexburg. So we made like RIGHT as the sun went down. Emilee and Mark were good enough to let us stay at there place. Which we ended up staying until Sunday morning.
We were going to leave Saturday but then Bailey remembered that because we were riding buddy pass we could not go on Saturday (high fly day and just before a holiday) so we had to wait until Sunday. Saturday evening I guess there were some delays and cancellations but luckily not to Pasco so there were still alot of open seats on the 11 am flight on Sunday. So Emilee drove us to the airport and we went to the computer check in but it didn't work no matter what we did we could not check in. so we had to get in line to talk to an agent. there were only like 2 or 3 working with a TON of people in line, in an hour and half we had barely made it half way through. Luckily Bailey helped us get through and there was no line at security we flew though and made it JUST in time to get on the plane!!! ^_^ let me tall you, it was a STRESSFUL weekend. I am SOOO glad to be home. The thought of going back to Rexburg makes me a little sick. Not that I don't like it, we were just ready to move on.