Monday, March 29, 2010

Master of Disguise

As Jojo is growing more and more into a little man-boy I've noticed how much he keeps changing. Not just his adorable little personality but his looks too. Like when he was first born I was sure that he had my mouth... now I think he might have Cody's. Or how I am convinced that he has Cody's eyes (because he gives the same looks as Cody) but when I pick apart each individual feature of his eyes they are more like my family. What's that about? Some things for certain are Cody's - Like his big head (to hold all those brains!) and some things are certainly mine - Like his hair (I had blond when I was little). But Mostly, he is a good combination of his two crazy parents who love the snot outta him.

So I thought this was funny, I found all these random photos on the camera and all I could think was.... The Master of Disguise movie. Have you ever seen it? Pretty dumb overall but I thought it very funny that Tipo has different 'looks' in each of the pictures. Take a look

The do-rag look. or a little jewish boy....take your pick.

Mr. Executive look. (and duh, Future Missionary, but I thought was obvious)

The fo-hawk look! "waz uuuuupppp!"

And Last but not least..... da na na na da na na na BATMAN!