Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So I was giving Jojo a bath today and I was pleasantly surprised at how much he loved it. Usually he just lays in the water and lets me do my thing, but today he was kicking and laughing and I loved it. I had to capture it so I uploaded it for everyone's enjoyment. Also, later in the day I went to my mothers and it was such a stinking beautiful day that I put Jojo outside and let him play on a blanket in the sun and then in the shade so my white son wouldn't burn. Then I put him in a swing. He's been in one before the last time we were in Utah and he loved it. And he loved it this time too. When I was younger (talking like I am so old) I would sit in front of the nieces and nephews on the swing and pretend like they were hitting me all over the place. It was a lot of work. Luckily my child is satisfied when I just swing my head back. He was laughing hysterically. Funny boy.
Cody's working lots. I'm so proud of him working hard for us. And I think we have finally secured an apartment in Provo for us. We will have to move in August, but we will be saving quite a bit of money doing it this way. That's us, always wanting to save money. Cody and I are such scaredy cats of spending money and we are so indecisive. Oh well, we're still young and in school.
I've convinced myself and Cody to allow ourselves $20 a month to add new things to our apartment (to make it look more homey instead of bare).