Friday, July 16, 2010

overwhelmed sometimes

Sometimes I wonder why it's so hard to get myself motivated to do something. And then when I finally get gun-ho about it it slowly dissipates into nothing. grrrr! I think that there are some people out there... the really determined ones... that get their mind on something and just follow it through to the end. stinkers. And then there is the rest of us... our minds are filled with a million things we need or wish to do and accomplish and we get so down on ourselves when we don't get it ALL done in one day. I think this is where patience must come in. Patience and persistence. Continually working at something and actively waiting for something to happen. I don't think either are an especially good trait of mine.
~Eating Healthy {but that doughnut looks so good}
~Making sure Tipo eats his veggies {but how can I ever expect him to eat them if he never sees me eat them because I hate all vegetables}
~Don't forget his medicine {I can't remember did I give it to him already?}
~Don't spend your whole day inside {But my book is so good and it is soooo hot outside}
~There's a pool outside....use it {I just took a shower and put my make up on, I don't want to spend forever getting ready for the day again}{Sometimes I hate being a girl}
~Make sure Tipo takes his naps on time or else he will be grumpy. {But he doesn't want to and he is so cute right now}
~Make sure Tipo doesn't sleep too long or else his schedule will be off... and he will be grumpy. {but I'm enjoying the silence and I can get so much done right now}
~Cook dinner for Cody. {He's a little picky 'love you hun' and I don't enjoy cooking or standing in one spot forever}
~Take a shower right after you put Tipo to bed at night so you don't have to spend so much time in the morning. {But I can get so much done now, and it's Cody and me time}
~Make sure you do your cleaning chores each day so your house doesn't get gross. {ugh, Chores.... I just want to read}
~Exercise! {ugh, I hate running in the heat and on streets were cars are constantly passing, I can't go work out at the school until 6pm, whose gonna watch Tipo, I feel dumb when I've been at it for a minute or two and I'm already sweating like a grown man and I'm practically wheezing "no sir, I'm okay just a little out of breath", what there are no TV's in the school gym to keep my mind off the fact that I am running?! they had them at BYU-I!}
~Read your scriptures. {I try to do that only to find that I can't remember what I just read, but then Joseph gets into the toilet and I have to clean him up and then tons of other stuff happens, does that still count?}
~Say your prayers individually, as a couple, and as a family with a wriggling kid morning and night
~Visiting Teaching {oh yeah, I was suppose to call her!}
~Write in your journal {it's been awhile and now I have so much to write to catch up on, not to mention Joseph's journal too}
~Talk to your family {Do they want to hear from me?}
~Keep up on the dishes or it will look like a bomb went off and it might get stinky {One of my weaknesses, I've never been good at this.... and the dishes pile again right after I just finished cleaning them!!!}
~Take Tipo for a walk {It's hot}
~Associate with people {oh yeah, I would if I had any one to associate with, it's hard when we're both wallflowers}
~Make sure you teach Tipo about everything before someone else does {how do I know if it's time to teach him, what do I teach him and when, Will I teach him good enough, when do I discipline and how??????}
~Give Cody little surprises he likes it {You can't give a guy flowers}
~Give service!!! {I want to, it's kind of hard though, We're not in a home ward, if ya know what I mean}
~Apartment hunting {SOOOOOO frustrating, it's either too much, too far away, or too trashy! Please let us live on campus!}
~Apply for school {I admit I'm a little scared to do this, what about Tipo? what will I do with him, and when another one comes?}
~Attend Temple {Does any want to watch Tipo for three hours...really?}