Thursday, July 08, 2010


Tuesday....The last day, we had a picnic at the park next to Emilee and Mark's place. Then we went swimming at the Lindon Rec Pool which was a really cute place and Tipo absolutely loved it. We had bought him a floaty earlier in the week but hadn't used it yet. he loved it. And he splashed around a lot in the kiddy pool where he could crawl around like he does in the bathtub. Then we went back to Emilee's and had pizza and watched hook. Jana bought her bridesmaids' dresses which I think are pretty darn cute! We had to say goodbye to everyone that night which was sad, Wednesday Morning Cody said he already missed he's family!
It was tons of fun we're so glad they could come up and we wish Nathan, Nina, Benny, and new little Ephraim, and Sharlee could have come too!!! we missed you.