Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Thanksgiving went pretty well. I cooked our own dinner but not before getting sick in the bathroom from morning sickness! yucky. Our Turkey Breast should have only taken two and a half hours to cook but after 4 hours it was still pink!!!! Darn. We ended up having to throw it out. :( But everything else was super good. And it WAS my first time cooking a Turkey....although I blame it on the oven. Stupid oven. Mark and Emilee ended up staying in town so we went over to mark's mom's house to hang out and have dessert. I also learned how to curl my hair the way everyone else does...... took me long enough. Thank you Laura. We all went and saw Tangled that night, it was past Joseph's bedtime so I was a bit worried about how he would act because just a bit before we took him to the dollar theater and saw Despicable Me (didn't care for it) and he was really antsy! But he was so good. We ended up sitting really close to the screen because their were tons of people and Joseph was mesmerized. It was a REALLY cute movie.
Black Friday dawned a potentially exciting day. Cody was a sweetheart and went out alone at 6am to try and get How to Train Your Dragon and Harry Potter Ultimate Edition year 3 for only $5 (this we wanted to get to even see if it would be worth getting the others). But Walmart was already out of Dragon and Target out of Harry Potter. Cody had to go to work right after that but when he got home we went back out just to look around. It was awesome...Joseph fell asleep on the way to Target and Stayed asleep in the back of the cart the whole time we were there. That NEVER happens! We got Christmas wrapping, and two toys for Tipo that we know he will love (because he freaked out the most over these two things in ToysRUs)
If you love Tipo's hair longer (as the pictures below show) it is no longer so long. I wanted to give him a trim but overestimated the cut and now it is really short. BUT NO WORRIES... he looks cute no matter what and it makes him look more like an older toddler. ^_^
I am so excited to put up Christmas decorations. It's gonna be really hard with Tipo this year. He saw all the decorations in the box and freaked out. will I keep him from tipping the tree over?!

It finally snowed a lot here. Probably not near as much as other places but still the most we've had. It's kind of fun. yeah!

And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, although late, I should say what I am thankful for...
  • My Heavenly Father who is ever so mindful and ever so merciful of me. I'm always amazed at the blessings I receive and wonder if I always deserve them. It's like... you do so little and then you receive so much!!!
  • The Atonement and my Savior. I have to tried to better understand the Atonement and its application in my life, it's a pretty incomprehensible subject, and I can't fully understand how it works. But I know that it is real and I can use it.
  • This Church! It makes so much sense and makes me so happy. Whenever my life seems to be falling apart I just have to turn to the scriptures and the Lord.
  • A wonderful husband, Cody. He really is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We have so much in common, He's worthy of the priesthood, Leads our home well, and thinks I'm Beautiful even when I don't.
  • My Beautiful Son, Tipo. I always wanted a boy first. Although he can be frustrating, I adore him. He has his daddy's eyes (to die for!) and he has a good little imagination, always happy when he first gets up in the morning, and babbles and tries to repeat what we are saying. And I LOVE that he says "thank you"!!!
  • Family!!! I love my family. I think they are totally amazing. I mean....six (well, seven counting mom) GIRLS and no boys, it was like a girls-only club. Excepting our awesome and loving father of course. ^_^ And I have been blessed with an awesome family-in-law. Really. Sometimes I hear others say 'oh my mother-in-law' negatively. I don't feel that way at all. The Robles are a great family!
  • Our home. This is where I wanted to live, and I love it. This is such a wonderful community. And our ward is amazing. We also don't pay for our heat so we are going to be warm this winter.
  • That Cody is going to school and working!!!! It has been wonderful to see Cody grow in his talents and to see him be really excited about something, and to have him working is always a good thing, especially since his back had been hurting him so bad.
Thanksgiving is wonderful. Kind of sad so many sort of look over it for Christmas. Which, Christmas is great, but Thanksgiving allows you to really look at all your blessings in life and be grateful for them. Gratitude makes you so much happier. I've been trying to have more gratitude in my life. I've always had a hard time Saying "thank you" to people, for some reason it always makes me kind of embarrassed. I don't know why. I have been blessed in so many ways and I know I take a lot of it for granted. I'm trying not to anymore.
Happy Holidays!!!!