Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas on the mind

Helping put up decorations

Picture of the short haircut! Cute huh?

Picture of our Turkey....before the oven ruined it.

Just Cute.

Only a week of school. I think Cody is very ready for it to all be over! I'm just excited to be going home FRIDAY!!!! yahoo. But I am trying to bide my time and enjoy myself before Christmas is all over. I've been doing a lot of cleaning and reorganizing. It's even been warm enough to spend an afternoon down at the playground... where Tipo discovered eating dirt! yucky. There's no snow on the ground anymore.
We went and took family pictures last Sunday with Emilee's family. The pictures turned out really good...even though Tipo wouldn't smile. The Hannant's looked absolutely Beautiful!!! So we got our Christmas cards!!!!! When I can I want to put up some of the other copies of the pictures. Emilee has the originals so I need to get them from her.
We're planning on going to SLC to see Temple Square Lights! We've never seen them before. We're thinking Tuesday night. I hope we get there!!!

Dancing to Christmas Music...saying bye-bye.