Wednesday, February 16, 2011

18 Months

Happy Valentine's Day

Nursery Day!


Tipo is so cute. He is really growing up! He turned 18 months on Saturday which means he went to Nursery for the first time on Sunday! yahoo. We were all sooo ready for it. Tipo just can't sit still all through church so I'm glad he has something to do and other kids to play with. He did so good. As soon as I took him into Nursery he saw all the toys and bolted, it wasn't until another little boy started crying for his mommy that Tipo stopped to see where I was. But this only deterred him for a moment, he was off again. Later, after Sunday School (which was wonderful!) Cody and I went down to sneak on him and when someone opened the door we saw Tipo sitting in a little kiddie chair at a small table eating snacks with the other kids. He was just eating and looking around contently. He looked so grown up and cute!! Cody and I started laughing and I got a little teary-eyed (Hey, I'm pregnant)
On Valentine's day (which was wonderful) Tipo decided to do two things he has never done) Woke up 6:30. Now I am a little embarrassed to say that I don't get up until like 8:30 everyday. I'm not sure what time Tipo wakes up, but he just plays in his crib and doesn't start complaining until around 8:30 so that's when I get up. So waking up at 6:30 was a bit torturous. And then Tipo's naps were all off, and I never really got a nap myself. At one point I was laying in bed trying to get a little shut eye while Cody was working on one of his projects and Tipo was playing in the Living room. Now, for Tipo's first birthday he got My Pal Scout, a stuffed Dog that says his name and sings songs and knows Tipo's favorite things and will talk to him. Tipo usually only has this dog in his crib so he pretty much knows it's mostly just for night time, but sometimes he will play with outside his crib. So while I was trying to sleep, Tipo, all of a sudden, brings Scout and lays him next to me and presses his paw (which plays bedtime music) and leaves. This made me laugh and I thought it was cute, but I can't sleep with that kind of music so I turned him off. A couple of minutes later Tipo comes back in and presses Scout's paw again, probably noticing the music had stopped. It was so cute. I also have to say that Cody and I have heard Scout talking in the middle of the night before. Tipo loves Scout.
He has been copying (or trying to copy) everything we say. I love it. He's got a large vocabulary
in a 18 month old sense. We were talking to Nana and Papa (my parents) on skype and Nana  said something about the twins, Gavin and Tristin and Joseph said "Tris'an". He says Sock and "Soo" (shoe) all the time because he LOVES being outside (and luckily the weather has been so nice the last week). He says "Peessss" (please) and "tank goo" (thank you) and "me moo" ("more", don't ask how that come about, I don't know) and "be boo" ("blanket" another weird one ^_^) By the way he is in love with the blanket Gigi made him when he was born.
He also LOVES to read. and when I say LOVE, and i mean LOVE. I feel like I read the same books a million times a day. Luckily they all rhyme. I've decided I can't stand books that don't rhyme.
He is a Dancing machine!!! There is a part in How to Train Your Dragon when Hiccup and boy and Toothless the dragon are getting to know each other and the dragon draws in the sand and Hiccup is kind of dancing around the lines in the dirt. This is Tipo's favorite part... he starts dancing with his arms spread out. He also loves pulling out the hymn book and 'singing' and leading hymns.
He is also a little sweetheart. He has been giving hugs a lot. He gives hugs to little cousin L! And on Saturday he was giving hugs galore to a 7 month old girl! I take this as a good sign for another little baby girl to come!! ^_^
I love my son, before he came is was impossible for me to fathom the love I would have for him. Now I can't imagine NOT having him!!!!! Even through the frustrations!