Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our 'Love' Day

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Cody made me breakfast. Toaster Strudel, sausage patties (not links yuk, this also has to do with when we were dating and how Cody bought Sauage Patties at midnight on Saturday to bring to the linger longer on Sunday just for me.) eggs, and OJ (best drink ever). He set up our computer so our wedding pictures would run through on a slide show for me to watch while I ate. He got me roses (for the first time, because I finally realized I actually like roses) and a beautiful card. I made him a card (as usual) and bought him chocolates and two entwined monkeys...they kiss and the girl says "i love you" and the boys tail, with a bell, jingles. ^_^ We got Joseph a balloon. We had a late night dinner (after Tipo went to bed) of homemade chicken enchiladas (which was so good, Cody made most of it!) and played a little trivia game about each other and reminisced about the past! Fun times.

I love Cody. It's crazy to think that we'll only have been married 3 years in May. And it's only been three years since we "officially' met. It seems like we've known each other FOREVER.
In getting to know each other better and about our lives, it's amazing how much different we are now because of each other than we were before. We both want to be better people because of the other. It's funny that we met at a time in our lives when I had "sworn" off guys and making myself silly for them, and he had finally decided to forget about his crush on me and really start dating.
My hubby is a stud! ^_^