Friday, May 20, 2011

Finally More pictures!

Last nap before we left the hospital (aka LAST nap...ever!) ^_^

Feeling Good!


Meeting for the first time!

I thought this was kind of funny. I'm actually not sure what the circumference was.

The Sunday before.

Rylee is here! 9lb 9 oz 21 inches long born at 4:11 pm! But she fits perfect in newborn clothes! ^_^
She has brown hair and it is beautiful! I think she looks like Joseph's sister. It was a much pleasanter experience this time around. I haven't been in any pain at all!
Rylee is Jaundice... she'll have to live under a light for a bit, they're going to deliver it to our place. Thank goodness she wasn't high enough to be hospitalized. This does make it VERY hard to breast feed a sleepy baby. But i am so determined this time around. Rylee WILL be breastfed. Besides, Emilee made me a cute nursing cover, so I need to use it! ^_^ Thank you to everyone for the wonderful clothes and gifts I can't wait to get her all dressed up!
And you're probably wondering how Joseph is taking it.... He is doing really well. He will be gentle an give her a kiss every now and again, and peek at her. I think he'll be a good older brother!
And I am soooo glad my mother could make it. She should be here in about 2 hours! yahoo!!!