Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Yesterday was a big day of firsts for Tipo. Firstly (haha I'm so funny) he had his first dentist appointment and it went really well. He sat in my lap and was really good. He LOVES his toothbrush he wanted to hold it all the time. I'm glad he did
well because for some reason he was totally scared of his super sweet pediatrician. ??? But he did great and no cavities! yahoo.
Second. Tipo got his first Bee sting! Again he handled in surprising well, I probably freaked out more then him. I could tell it bothered him a bot though because he

kept reaching down to scratch it. The bee (or wasp, I'm not sure) flew up his pants while I was blowing bubbles for him. He started 'craying' and saying "ouch ouch" and his sat down and I knew it must have been a bee. Luckily my mom acted fast and pulled down his pants and there it was just behind his knee. I told my mom to look because I didn't see anything fly out so she did and there it was sitting there in Tipo's pants. that when I jumped back (I know I'm so brave for my children) my mom had shoes on so she stomped on it. Poor little Tipo. He'll probably never remember it. But I might. And I did not get a picture of it.

On the way to the dentist. He was 'trying' to sing along with the was cute

This was just for the picture he didn't actually need to wear any of it, but Cody wanted a picture

since he couldn't be there. :(