Friday, October 14, 2011

I got to see my sister Rochelle today. It was nice because I haven't seen her since before her surgery . ( for those that don't know, she had a new type of surgery to remove two tumors from her brain, two weeks ago). They have moved her from the hospital to her home for hospice. She is more comfortable there, although I know she liked the hospital because they could control her pain better, but I think they have her pretty comfortable at home. They put a hospital bed in but she just lays on her bed because the hospital bed is so uncomfortable. I know, I layed on it.
My sister Chauntel is down here to help out at Rochelle's house (lucky her! She's in a position that she can do that right now, and it is so helpful). My sister's friend Danielle and her sister came over to take last family pictures of the family. Kendall put Rochelle's makeup on. We were busy putting together outfits for everyone. The theme was black white and grey with a bit of pink. They turned out really good, even though Rochelle was coming in and out of it a little bit, they are such a beautiful family. I was getting emotional when they were doing pictures of just Rochelle and Ryan. He was kissing her cheek and then they would kiss. It was very tender. I love my brother-in-law. Rochelle and Ryan got married when I was Ten! I consider him a brother, and I know he treats Rochelle SO good and I really liked observing that tender moment. When I first found out there was nothing more the doctors could do for Rochelle, well honestly I wasn't that shocked, but obviously upset, but I think I might have been a little in denial I kept thinking, oh she could still get better. And I didn't know what to tell people, especially since my sister and brother-in-law were also not ready to 'give up'. But they aren't giving up, that's what's so great about the gospel! I'm so glad I know about the Plan of Happiness (what a great name) because I know she will go to paradise and not feel anymore pain and she is sealed to Ryan and to her children, and I will get to see her again. So now I am ready to say- My oldest sister may not make it to Halloween, and I am sad and scared for her family, but I am also happy for her. She is a wonderful sister, wife, mother, daughter, and friend. And so strong! I think there is no denying she is the strongest in our family. Cody and I were laying in bed a couple of nights ago and he said "Rochelle's a very Christ-like person, isn't she." He told me about how when we first saw their family one of the first things Rochelle asked him was how his back was (which had been hurting him really bad for awhile), and here she is with Cancer and having her own pains and a million other things to deal with.