Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trip to Arizona

It was so warm in Arizona, Rylee's wearing no socks!

Cody's uncle passed away last Sunday. We decided to attend the funeral in Arizona on Friday. The services were beautiful... They made me think of Rochelle a lot. Cody really enjoyed seeing his cousins again after such a long time apart. He isn't necessarily very close with any of them but he was VERY happy that he got to interact with them a lot more than normal.
I have never been to Southern Utah, Nevada, or Arizona so I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed meeting Cody's family that I haven't met yet, even if it was through sad circumstances. We set home on Saturday and made some stops. We stopped at Hoover Dam! Cody had been when he was younger but it had been awhile. It was amazing and disorienting! Tipo enjoyed yelling down the one side and hearing his echo. We also stopped in St. George. I know that the end of my ancestors life, Levi Ward Hancock, was lived around St. George. So we stopped at the temple visitor center (the St. George Temple is SOOOO white especially against the red rock, amazing) They didn't know anything about Levi. So we took a walk around the temple. After we left St George we came across the town of Washington and I remembered that THIS is where Levi lived, so, with a wonderfully patient Cody and I turned off to try and find the graveyard, we couldn't find it but while looking we found the historical museum and a monument dedicated to the prominent early pioneers who helped settle Washington... Levi was among them. They had a relief of his face there so I showed Tipo and told him how he was named after this great man. The picture looks a lot more reverent and romantic then the moment was. ^_^ I was trying to snap a picture before he turned and ran off. ^_^ We left a good two hour before Nathan and Nina, but they got to our apartment long before us! I felt bad! But we made it home and we all were able to get some sleep... how very little it may have been.

Ginger and cousin loving each other