Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FHE and other 'crap'

Wait I shouldn't use that word anymore. Tipo has started saying 'crap'... a lot. I'm pretty sure he got it from me. I think I say it more than I realized, besides he with me most of the day not Cody. It actually sounds kind of funny when he says it but I also feel kind of dumb that he picked it up from ME, of all people. I've got no one to blame but myself!
On another note. Last night for FHE we were teaching Tipo about the Priesthood. We just barely bought the "Behold Your Little Ones" the church's nursery manual. I LOVE it, it makes FHE a lot more simple and easy and he seems to be learning more and to be more interested. Anyways, Cody started 'yelling' Priesthood Power!" which got Tipo all excited and he started yelling it and running around the house.  It was cute.
Sometimes in all the rough play involved with having a boy, little baby girls get hurt. On one such event, i didn't actually see it, but i heard it and I went to go check and  Tipo was sitting in front of Ginger and he was 'caressing' her check and was looking at her intently "you okay, Ginger?" he asked. then got up and ran away. I thought it was really touching. Right now Tipo is running around and Ginger is Crawling around and they are laughing and giggling and Tipo is tackling Ginger. I LOVE it when they pay together.

Sad sad news, we no longer have a Camera! Bailey's old camera she gave us back when we were first married has decided to stop working! I am pretty perturbed! I am the type of person who loves to capture every moment, I can't STAND not having a camera. This also boads ill with my Etsy shop. I have sewn more crib sheets but can not post them because I have no pictures!