Saturday, March 31, 2012

Festival of


I know this is a little late. But we used a disposable camera. I know we are sooo ancient!
Festival of Colors (for those of you out of the loop) Is a Hindu festival celebrating the passing the winter and the coming of Spring. As part of the festival you throw powdered color in the air (representing the colors of Spring!) Spanish Fork, Utah (where there is located a Hindu Temple) holds the LARGEST festival of colors in North America. It took place on several days, we went March 24, 2012. No worries, the powder was a cornstarch base and FDA approved and safe for children!
We had only gotten past the gate at this point. Lots of throwing love.

SOO many people!!! 

We only bought two colors, yellow and orange. That's why you see so much of it.

As a man sitting beside us said "Your son is beautiful; he looks like the SUN!" Yes, yes he does.

Yes, even our little girl got 'patted' with color
Sunburns, blistered feet, stained clothes.... and yet, still so FUN!