Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Easter

It was such a nice day!
Two weeks ago my bishop asked me to give a talk  Easter on the Hope of the Resurrection. When we walked into Sacrament I grabbed a program and read it... only to find my name missing and seeing that all of sacrament was a musical number. I was pretty bummed because I was excited to give a talk and I had been thinking about it and stressing about it for two weeks! Oh well, The night before I asked Cody to give me a blessing and he said over and over that the most important thing was my testimony about the resurrection. I think he felt inspired to say that for a reason.
We still had a fun day - with an Easter egg hunt the park and coloring eggs....


our finished projects. Cody decided to MELT crayon on his eggs. My favorite is the blue with orange flowers. Finally I've made a good egg!