Friday, May 04, 2012

Four Years!

{Year Three}
The Hubby and I celebrated FOUR years of marriage a couple of weeks ago.  
I Surprised him with this....
Four Balloons to represent four years of marriage (I saw something similar on Pinterest)
Tied to each balloon was a card with a picture of us from that year of marriage (above- year  3) and an outline of the year ... The ups, and yes, some of the downs to those years (mostly if those downs brought us closer together)
And a candy bar... of coarse.
Then there was a fifth balloon (the black and white one) to represent our coming year of marriage with a card expressing my love and what I hope for the future.
And a present!

Of coarse right after I surprised Cody with this our two children woke up crying from their naps with fevers...
So sad! So we rented a movie and ate chips with them for awhile. Luckily they went to bed pretty good so we were able to enjoy a lovely evening of yummy take out and Italian Sodas {YUM}. Cody was in charge of all of the food and made me breakfast in the morning and bought me Pride and Prejudice (With Kiera Knightley) and a new comforter (well, once I finally pick one out...I've been dying for a new comforter for so long)
Earlier in the day I had bought Twilight and Romeo and Juliet (books) from our goodwill and we 'made' love notes to each other and idea I saw here. Crossing out words so only the certain words were exposed to compile a love note. That made us really think but they turned out pretty funny (Even funnier since we HATE both of those stories!)