Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Blunder-ific Cardigan

So you've probably learned... My camera sucks. so bare with me while I TRY to show you my projects I'm working on.
I got this white Cardigan for Christmas. I got to wear it once (Christmas Sunday) and then i washed and dried it in a load of Laundry.... along with a RED crayon! I tried almost everything to remove the red stains with no success. So I broke down and bought another white cardigan. Months passed and my birthday rolled around and dear ol'e mom got me a gift card to JoAnn's. What to buy... so many option. Then I remembered my ruined cardigan (which I held onto because I was so distraught when it went through the wash I couldn't let it go in hopes that I could salvage it in some way). I decided to buy Rit color remover and a Rit yellow dye (I've wanted a yellow cardigan for a long time).

White Cardigan

The Rit color remover worked okay. It didn't get rid of everything, but enough that I felt comfortable with dying it. It turned out GREAT. just the color I wanted......

Unfortunately.... Somehow HOLES appeared in one of the arms! I don't know if it was from too much dying or the fact that it went through a full dying cycle by itself. Either way I wasn't happy. But I wasn't going to let that get me down.

Quarter Sleeves would be better anyways, that would make it easier to ware in the summer! So I grabbed another cardigan with quarter sleeves and measured at the top of the cuff of the green cardigan.

I cut the cuff at the bottom and the extra fabric in the middle  (Good-bye holes)

Then I turned the cuff inside out and slipped it onto the sleeve (making sure the raw edges were facing each other) and I sewed around the hole. (Make sure you Slide the Cuff down so the two edges are even)

The End Result... (Navy Blue and Yellow go so good together, don't you think?)