Monday, May 14, 2012

Sherbet Oreo Truffles!

I LOVE Oreo Truffles! Yummy. And I've been wanting to make them for awhile. It's not the type of thing you just make one day, especially when you are trying to eat healthier. Not to mention there is just me hubby, and Joseph who could really eat them, and the recipe just makes WAY to much for just us. SO I thought "Hey it's mother's day I could keep just a few and give the rest away!" Genius.
I had bought Pink and Yellow Wilson's Melting Chocolate for Ginger's first birthday but not all of it was used so I wanted to finish them off on the truffles. When I went to get the Oreos they had a most delicious looking flavor...Limited Edition...Rainbow Sherbet (which just happens to be my favorite Ice Cream!) PERFECT!

Here's what you need...
One package (your choice flavor) of Oreos, 1 8oz. Package of thawed Cream Cheese (I used the Neufchatel Cheese, tastes JUST like cream cheese with less fat) and two colors Wilson's Candy Melts.
CRUSH the Oreos to fine Crumbles
(Don't you just love the Thor Hammer! I actually used a Wooden spoon more but I thought this looked cooler!)
Now ADD the Cream Cheese
(should Be at room temperature so it will blend better)
and MIX, prepare the get your hands dirty!
(I used my hands towards the end, don't be afraid to try this yourself!)

ROLL the Oreo/Cream Cheese Mixture into 1 inch balls

(Forgive the Stupidness of Blogger for rotating my picture)
MELT the Chocolate Following the instructions on the bag
(AHHH it did it again!)
Now DIP your balls in the Melted Chocolate
Do half in one color and the other half in the next color.
Now the super fun part. Grab a bit of the OPPOSITE colored chocolate onto a spoon and  wave it back and forth over the truffle to give it a bit more color! 

Stick the Truffles in the Fridge for an hour, or until firm. 
Store in a air tight container in Refrigerator.

There you go, Yummy Sherbet Flavored Oreo Truffles 
(Or any flavor you want that Oreos carries)